What Endures?

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1 Corinthians 13:8  Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away.

There may be several ways to read this verse but my favorite method of interpretation is to take the most obvious meaning first. 

The most obvious meaning here, based on the context of the chapter, is that godly love never fails.  Everything else that is important will fail, cease and vanish away but godly love never will, it will endure forever.  Elsewhere we learn that knowledge puffs people up.  When we learn something we get proud of what we have learned.  We try to teach someone else our new-found smarts and if possible put them in their place for their lack of knowledge.  On the other hand, love builds people up.  When love and knowledge are mixed people feel better.  

We can spend the majority of our lives increasing in things that will pass away.  Shouldn’t we instead spend our lives increasing in that which will endure both this life and eternity?   Do people care how much you know or how gifted you are if you are filled with yourself?  Or do people enjoy you because you are filled with love for them?   Do people’s eyes light up when they see you because they are glad you are there?  If you are bringing something of value to the room, then yes, they will be glad you are there.  And what is the most valuable gift you can bring into a room?   Yep, godly love, that self-sacrificing care for someone else that they know is going to build them up, encourage them, make them feel special, ask how they are doing, be happy with their success, and grieve with their sorrows.  Godly love is ever giving, never taking.  Godly love cares when no one else has time to care.  Godly love is not on a clock or a calendar but is always available to give. 

When we love someone with godly love they are receiving from us that which they will never lose for it will endure forever.  Therefore, love, godly love, John 3:16 love, is the best gift we can give and should accompany every tangible gift we place in another’s hands. 

Last night the men finished the video series, “Not a Fan.”  In it we were brought face-to-face with the reality that God wants us to be followers of Him not just admirers of Him.  Fan’s sit in the stands and watch the game, cheer the team, and go home without any real commitment to the team.  Followers give everything to follow Christ.  They hold nothing back at any level and do so because of their love for the Lord Jesus.  Love is the defining action of a follower.  Fan’s love themselves and try to make themselves feel good by their service and participation.  Followers are in it because of God’s love to them and having forsaken all to follow Him serve with His love flowing through them.  When others see the love of God in a follower of His they can then believe that God is real.  It is our prayer that we all become and live as followers of Jesus Christ until we die.

Pray for a friend named Julie who has been given four –six weeks to live.  She has been to church and is a close friend of Barbi.   Pray for God’s grace and peace for Julie and for her family and friends.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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