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Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

As we are working through this passage, this verse is the climax of it all. Today we are going to meditate on the first eight words. When Elijah was challenging the prophets of Baal, they found out that their god was not able to do anything. They gave it their best shot. They even offered their own blood in hopes that it would motivate Baal. But since Baal was only a figment of their imaginations he could not do anything. But when Elijah told them all to sit down, then soaked his alter with seven times with water until it was impossible to light, he prayed to the only real and true God who did answer and did show to all of all ages that He is able to answer, even by fire.

There are countless human testimonies of men and women and children crying out to the God who is able and then seeing Him do what no man could do. I personally have seen God meet our families’ needs as we stepped out by faith to start Victory Homes and New Life Baptist Church. When there was no human answer God was able to do exactly what needed to be done for the furtherance of His work and the exaltation of His glory.

You have trusted God for salvation. He has heard your soul’s cry and has redeemed you with the blood of Jesus Christ. The indwelling Holy Spirit of God has taken up residence in you and confirmed the power of God for your salvation. This is the greatest miracle that God could ever do for you. Do not doubt that He can meet your other needs of body or soul. Put God to the test. Trust Him to keep His word to you. You will see that He is able to do exactly what He said He would do.

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