Peace to all in Christ

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1 Peter 5:10

Peace to you all who are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

I think that, for me, the greatest benefit of Christ in me is the peace that He, the Prince of peace, brings with Him and keeps in me at all times. When people come to me for counseling I will introduce them to the Prince of peace. If they have no peace in their lives their greatest need is Jesus Christ in them.

Jesus said, “Be of good cheer, in the world you will have tribulation, I have overcome the world.” Jesus conquered all of His enemies and all of our enemies. He won His peace by a great battle that began at His birth and ended at His resurrection. The king of confusion and destruction tried to kill the baby Jesus, tried to have a crowd walk Him off a cliff, sent brilliant men to confound Him, came at Him at the time of His greatest weakness with three powerful temptations, (which temptations had worked on every one else Satan had used them on) then attacked Jesus with false accusations, humility, beatings and scourging, nails and wood, thirst and pain and even a locked tomb, but our Jesus, our Prince of peace defeated His enemy soundly and completely at His resurrection from the dead!

The enemies of Jesus are our enemies also. The confusion and destruction they brought against Him they bring against us to bring us to frustration, pain and doubt. But our Lord is not the author of confusion, no; He is the author of peace. He never brings confusion upon us and never will. He always brings peace to those who are in Him.

Are you at peace today? Are you in Christ Jesus today? If you are in Christ Jesus then you will be at peace, at least with Him. When you are at peace with God you can be at peace with all others for He is greater than all of them. Note here, that those without Christ cannot live in peace. They will pursue it but won’t find it. We who know and live in Christ will enjoy and benefit from His peace in all arenas of our lives.

Peace to you all who are in Christ Jesus, Amen.

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