Are you a slave?

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2 Peter 1:1

1 Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ,

In the New Testament there are two identifying definitions of true Christians.  “In Christ,” “in Him,” “Christ in you,” is the first defining term.  When we are in Christ and He is in us we are new creatures, a new creation. He removes the heart of stone that rejected everything about Him and replaces it with a heart of flesh that loves and follows Him.

The second identifying definition is the word “slave.”  The Greek word, “doulos” means a slave.  For some reasons, probably a cultural aversion to slavery as a practice, translators down through the centuries have translated this word “servant.”  A servant is different than a slave.  A servant has a job while a slave is always owned.  A servant might work in a castle serving his boss while a slave is ordered around with no will of his own.  A slave is not something that any of us desire to be.  A servant might give his opinion once in a while but a slave would never even raise his eyes to his master.

Peter, as did all New Testament writers, saw himself as a slave of Jesus Christ.  While slavery is bad, being a slave to Jesus Christ is good.  We have a loving Creator who desires His best for our lives.  The way we find His best is by submitting to Him in every area of our lives.  Because Christ is such a loving Master, when we are not sure what He wants us to do we should seek for ways to please Him.  Living as a slave to the Master is not a negative way of living; oh no, it is the best way a man or a woman can live.  Who knows life better than God?  Who knows us better than God?  Who sent His Son to die for our sin so we could be reconciled to God?  He gave us His Son; He is not going to withhold anything less.  But, God leads those who live submitted to Him.

Are you wondering what God wants for you today?  Submit to Him. Place yourself under Him as a slave under a Master.  Give Him all of your rights and expectations.  Trust Him to care for you as a Master should take care of His slaves.  For the beauty of this surrender is that we progress from slaves, to children to the bride.

A few men have contacted me about prayer breakfast Saturday morning so we will meet at 7:30 at Denny’s. 

I know we started late, for which I take the blame and apologize, but we still need some breakfast items for Sunday morning.  Please contact Bobbi to tell her what you can bring.

Tomorrow night’s Good Friday service is going to be unique.  We are going to look carefully at Isaiah 53 interspersing many hymns of the Cross.  It should be a glorious exaltation of the Father and the Son. 

Have a great day in the Lord,



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