Grace and peace should multiply in our lives

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2 Peter 1:2

Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord,

Many of the Epistles begin with this salutation, “Grace and peace.”  Let’s first note that without grace you cannot have peace.  In our sinful state when we were living against God we did not have any peace.  We may have had fun and excitement but there wasn’t much peace.  No one, living for themselves, can know lasting peace.  However, when we come to the Lord Jesus and accept the gift of His grace, His favor, His payment for our sins, we immediately find peace with God and ultimately, greater peace with the people around us.

But Peter adds something to this greeting; he does not just invoke grace and peace but he desires that his readers have grace and peace “multiplied” to them.  I think Peter knows that the grace we receive at salvation can grow throughout our lives.  While you should be glad in your salvation, you should increase in your joy as God’s grace is multiplied to you throughout your life.

Then Peter adds one more thought: he wants us to multiply in grace and peace in the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.  (Peter equates Jesus with God.)  The more we know of God from His word, the greater our measure of grace and peace.  We study the Bible because it is from its pages that we multiply in grace and the resulting peace.  Never be far away from the Bible.  Never stay away from it for very long.  Don’t miss church too often.  Get into discipleship or small group studies.  The greater your knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ the greater will be your grace and the greater will grow your peace.

I probably sound like a repeating drum but I have to say that I do love our church.  Every Monday, as I reflect on Sunday, I thank God for our church.  Since the church is the people, I am thanking God for you.  What a joy and thrill yesterday was as we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  There were so many of you involved in the day and it was a glorious day of exalting the work of Christ on the cross and His unprecedented and undeniable rise from the dead.  Thanks to all who put the day together and to all of you who came and rejoiced with us.

The message will be posted on Facebook later this morning. 

Have a great day in the Lord, PS


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