Living consistently in dependence upon God

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2 Chronicles 29-32, Isaiah 39

Yesterday’s message was taken from the narrative of the life of King Hezekiah who was called the greatest king that Israel ever had.  As we learned, Hezekiah brought back the worship of God in the Temple, he brought back the atonement sacrifices, and he brought back the Passover celebration.  For the first time since Solomon’s days, 250 years, Hezekiah brought unity to at least six of the Tribes of Israel as multitudes came back for this glorious Passover celebration.

Hezekiah was king when Sennacharib came with 125,000 troops against Jerusalem and mocked the God of Israel and the people of Israel.  Hezekiah and Isaiah prayed together and God sent His death angel killing all of these enemy soldiers in their sleep.

Hezekiah developed a deadly condition, probably a stomach tumor, which was destined to take his life.  He prayed to God for more life and God hearing his prayer granted him fifteen more years to live.

He built cities, aqueducts, and brought back the tithe to care for the priests and Levites.  He was indeed a great king.

However, after his deliverance from death an emissary came from Babylon with gifts to rejoice in his healing.  This emissary came to find out what had happened and how it happened.  It was the perfect opportunity for the king to show off the power of God.  Instead, Hezekiah showed off his own riches, all of them, to this emissary from Babylon.  At this moment of his life, the king stopped depending upon God and showed off his seeming own success.  Babylon attacked Jerusalem and all of the kings riches were lost in the next generation.

I ended the message with seven lessons that we can learn from king Hezekiah.

The timeless truths evidenced in the life of King Hezekiah are this:

  1. God wants us to worship Him.
  2. God wants us to worship Him with clean hearts.
  3. Worship of God brings unity, joy, and gladness to those who worship Him.
  4. Worshippers of God today find forgiveness of sin at the altar of the Cross of Christ.
  5. Worshippers open their hearts and their possessions to God.
  6. Worshippers find the provision and the protection of God. God takes care of those who by faith worship Him.
  7. Whenever we take credit for the provision of God, we are in a place of danger of losing God’s provision and His protection.

We did have a great day in church yesterday.  I was thrilled with the friend that Desiree brought and why she came.  Desiree shops in her store and this woman wondered what Desiree had that enabled her to be joyous in her difficult life.  When Desiree told her that it was Jesus Christ, this woman wanted to find out how she could have what Desiree had.  Pray that this friend will receive the faith to believe. 

We began our summer series on Transforming Prayer.  This is going to be a transformational time for our church.  Do what it takes to join us for adult Sunday school this summer.  God is going to change us through this series.  BTW, we need to be transformed in our prayers. 

It is good to be back.  Thanks for your prayers while we were gone.

Have a great day in the Lord, PS

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