You can have a blessed life

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Psalm 1

1     Blessed is the man

Let me take a moment today to remind you of the promise of God’s blessing on those who seek Him, His wisdom, His counsel, His strength, and His grace.

Many people think that God arbitrarily blesses some while leaving others in their misery.  They think that they just got the short end of the rope in life and that others got more.  They think that they are stuck in their pain while others just got lucky.  They think that if they had better opportunities they might have had some blessing from God too.

All who think like this or anything close to this do not understand God’s ways with people nor do they understand the power of their choices to reject God and to continue in their sin.  It grieves me when people look at me and exclaim that I was just blessed, insinuating that they were not.

Psalm 1 begins with the statement, “Blessed is the man…” and then continues to tell us what that blessed man does to be blessed.  It then provides the antithesis, “The ungodly are not so” indicating that some are blessed and some are not so.  What is the variable?  The variable is not God arbitrarily picking me over you.  The variable is that those who seek God’s wisdom and avoid man’s counsel are blessed.  Those who reject God’s wisdom and accept man’s counsel are not.

If you want to be blessed, the next time you need help seek God’s wisdom.  Do not call a friend, do not go to a non-Christian counselor, do not do what you have always done.  Instead, seek God’s wisdom and when you find it, submit to it and do it.  Before long, as this becomes your practice, you will realize that you too are being blessed by God.  In fact, you too can become like the tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in due season.

VBS is the forefront of my thinking at least for today and tomorrow, probably on into Sunday.  It has been in my house for months and now we are in the middle of it.  Every year we rejoice in the children God brings and ask Him to open their hearts to His saving grace.  This year we wondered if we would have forty children and we were over sixty again last night.  We had children trust Jesus last night.  Parents who came were excited to see their children singing and quoting verses.  The workers are a unified team accomplishing God’s purposes in every part of the evening. 

Tonight is our parent night when the parents come to see their children perform all that they have learned.  Pray with us that as the parents come and hear the gospel they will be drawn to salvation and drawn to our church.  We would love for God to unite these families with us in discipleship, worship, and growth of their families in the grace and knowledge of God.  This is our prayer today. 

Thanks to all of you who are fighting exhaustion while exhilarated to serve the Savior and His kingdom.  I give you tomorrow night off.  Tonight you are needed with all of the strength and energy that God will give you for His service and glory.

Have a great day in the Lord, PS


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