What does the Psalmist mean, “delight?”

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Psalm 1:2

2     But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

And in His law he meditates day and night.

What do you think it means when the Psalmist wrote that his delight was in the law of the Lord?  Does it mean that he read it every day?  Does it mean that he memorized it?  Does it mean that it was his favorite book?  What does it mean that it was his delight?

I remember delighting in cars.  I got car magazines, went to car shows, and talked with other car delighters.   I knew what kind of car it was by sight and could tell many details about that car.  I knew how fast it could go, what size the engine was, how much it was worth and more.

I knew a boy who delighted in baseball. He knew the players, their stats, who they played for and more.  He loved to talk to other people who delighted in baseball.

But I don’t think the Psalmist had information alone in this use of the word ‘delight.’

When we delight in the law of the Lord we want to know it, read it, study it and talk about it.  But this delight takes one more step that too many seeming delighters miss.  For while God wants us to know Him through His word He want us to love and obey Him through His word.  I never owned the cars I studied.  My delight ended at knowledge.  When someone knows the Word of God but does not live in loving obedience to the Word that they know, they are not delighting in it.

It wearies me when people quote the Bible verses they like while living in disobedience to ones they don’t like or don’t really care to know.  We are to delight in the entire Word of God, to meditate in all of its teachings.  We are not to pick and choose the ones we like while ignoring the others.

Do you love to live under the Word that you delight in?  Do you place yourself under its teachings even when you want to do otherwise?  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all of God’s truth and then submit to it at all times.  Then you will understand the Psalmist use of the word ‘delight.’

Tomorrow night is the sixth anniversary of Reformers at our church.  Starting at 7:00 we will be rejoicing together around the word, song and prayer and then going out to rejoice in fellowship and food.  If you are able to attend you are invited to come.  If you know someone struggling with addictions invite them to our party.  It would be a great way to get to know us.

Remember to pray for one another today.

Have a great day in the Lord, PS


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