Dia de trabajo (Work day) 

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Today we started off with a rousing 7 am Bible study of 1 John. We are working through a chapter a day. 

We starting off the day with cleaning up new school grounds by removing rock and mortar. It was a heavy labor morning.  However our mighty team did a good job. Afterword we had lunch and splendid siesta. 






 team was pooped from the morning work but in the afternoon they perciviered and we painted a classroom and a bathroom. Which again, they did well and worked well. I am proud of our teens and the effort they gave. 

We ate dinner in one of the boys homes and had a blessed time with their beutiful family of 14 boys. All of them trophies of God’s good grace. 

This evening we had a cupcake fiesta. Bobbi made 60 cupcakes and we brought toppings. The kids then put on their own frosting and decorations. Several people ended up with frosting on their faces but the kids loved it. The rest of the evening we had a lovely time playing volleyball or soccer and just interacting with the youth here. 

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