Dia de pintar – painting day! 

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Today started with the aventerous Bible study of 1 John 3 which was a great study of sin habits and living as a member of God’s family. 

After breakfast we continues our painting work from yesterday (the boys bathroom) and began work on girls bathroom. The girls worked on the girls bathroom while singing Disney songs. The guys worked on the boys bathroom while joining in on the Disney songs. We had fun working together today. In the second half of the day we painted another classroom in the gymnasium. By the end of the day we finished both bathrooms and the classroom. Again today, each teen worked hard and did well today at working.  

This evening some of the girls brought nail polish and took some time to paint any girls nails who wanted it done. We also got some Mexican flavored ice. This proved to be a test of our love. The flavored ice was strawberry with lots of salt and hotsauce. We all tried our best to just eat it and not say anything but it was just gross to our American mouths. However the teens were polite and handled it well. 

Christ truly is in this place. Ray Hansen, the founder and director, shared his personal salvation testimony and how the Lord started this orphanage. It was such a blessing and a challenge to hear. From 0 to 60 kids the Lord has directed him every step of the way and Rey has had the faith the trust the Lord all the way through. We are so blessed to be in such a wonderful place where the hand of God is so visible. I hope more of our church people could come here one day. 

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