La dia final

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Today was the last day of work. We spent the day painting benches for the school and orphanage. It was a fun and interesting paint job. The teens enjoy it because they used fun and bright colors that you see in the pictures. 

Sadly to we also had to say our goodbyes. In a few days friendships begin to develop and respect and enjoyment for each other began. This is always the hardest part. The people here are so lovely and wonderful to be with. Mutual love was shown this week and both sides (American and Mexican) felt it. This made it difficult to say goodbye. But we all said our farewells with the hope that we will return next year to continue the friendships and union that we have with Christ at the center. 

We should be safe and sound in Naperville by 5:30-6 pm Thursday night unless traffic or weather gets in our way. 
Muchas gracias for your prayers for is this week.  


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