We are home 

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After a very long travel day we are finally home. 

It all started at 5:30 am. We left for the border at 6 am and crossed with no hiccups. FINALLY we made it to McDonald’s for breakfast. From there went to the airport and waited for our 11 am flight. We left so early in order to miss the long lines at the border and miss our flight. 

Our plan arrived but they announced that it had mechanical errors. Three hours later we finally got on a flight to Houston Tx. Sadly we missed our connecting flight. The next flight they could put all of us on was at 7 pm. The teens did a great job of airport bumming for 5 hours. We ate, slept, played on our phones and explored the airport. 

Finally at 10 pm we landed in O’hare airport and very kindly the Pugas and Strejecks picked us up. 

Thanks so much for your prayers. If you have been following our blog please stop and ask the teens about it and what God taught them this week. 

Dios le bendiga 


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