Aligning with God in prayer to see His salvation

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Psalm 50

23    The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me;

to one who orders his way rightly

I will show the salvation of God!”

For the past several weeks, Tom and I have been teaching from a book called, Transforming Prayer.  The basis of this book is the power of worship based prayer to change us more and more into the men and women God wants us to be.  Two weeks ago I taught a lesson that had to do with bringing our prayers into line with the Word of God.  There are many scriptures that either teach prayer or are recorded prayers.  There are very few prayers recorded in the Bible that are filled with asking for events or health.  Most prayers recorded in the Bible have to do with praise, spiritual growth, spiritual understanding, acceptance of God’s will, forgiveness of enemies, and looking forward to God’s future kingdom.

Here, the Psalmist tells us that God wants us to offer thanksgiving as our sacrifice to Him thus glorifying Him.  When we thank God for all that He has given us, which is all that we have and are, we glorify Him.  This is the opposite of telling someone how great we are and how great a job we have done.  When we offer the sacrifice of praise we are aligning with God’s desire for our prayers.

The idea of ordering our way rightly begins with praying according to the word and will of God.  We should find ourselves praying less for events and health as we line up with the will of God.  I am not saying that we don’t pray for events and health but we will learn that God’s will in shaping a life and bringing that life to His plan and purpose, either salvation or submission, is of greater importance to God.

God wants to show us His salvation.  What is God’s salvation?   Is it a safe trip or a trip that caused us to focus on Him and thank Him for His unique guidance?  What is good health?  Is it life without pain or is it life that leads us to humble acceptance and joyful fulfillment of God’s will?   I want to see God’s salvation both in my life and the lives of those I love.  Seeing that salvation begins with aligning my prayers with God’s desires.

This Saturday there is a prayer meeting in Naperville. Tonight is a training meeting for those who want to help. It is at 7:00. I will be attending this training event. If anyone wants to join me let me know.

At 10:30 I will be having a service at Sunrise Assisted Living. If you have been wanting to bring your kids to this service, this is your last chance before school starts. I get there a few minutes early and the people there love company.

Have a great day in the Lord, PS



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