God continues to call and pour out His life-giving water

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Isaiah 44

1“Yet hear me now, O Jacob My servant,

And Israel whom I have chosen.

2     Thus says the Lord who made you

And formed you from the womb, who will help you:

‘Fear not, O Jacob My servant;

And you, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.

3     For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,

And floods on the dry ground;

I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,

And My blessing on your offspring;

4     They will spring up among the grass

Like willows by the watercourses.’

5     One will say, ‘I am the Lord’s’;

Another will call himself by the name of Jacob;

Another will write with his hand, ‘The Lord’s,’

And name himself by the name of Israel.

To a nation that was totally corrupted by sin, under the rule of Babylon and about to be taken into captivity, these words had special meaning.  God made it clear that He was not going to wipe out the nation of Israel, the people of Abraham. He had chosen them, they belonged to Him.  But their continual sin against God caused God to send great judgment upon them.  Yet God, whose love never failed them, let them know that He was their God and they belonged to Him.

To this people, parched by their sin, God promises to pour His living water upon them.  Not only was God going to meet their needs, He was going to go above and beyond their needs and give them His Spirit not just on them but on their children yet to come.  God’s abundant supply to His people was going to bring them from desolation to fruitfulness.  God is doing this still today.  God takes one who does not know Him, one who has rejected Him for life and pours His living water into their life.  Like the woman at the well, Jesus is seeking people to pour His living water into.  And when He does pour out His living water into a man or woman’s life, that life flourishes in grace.

Verse 5 tells Israel that in that day, people will want to be called by the name of the people of Israel.  When this was written, no one wanted to be a Hebrew.  They were a defeated and dispersed people.  No one wanted to be one of them.  But when Jesus came and poured out His water of life, His Holy Spirit, people wanted to be named with the followers of Christ.  What a joy to know that Isaiah was speaking not only to Israel but to the church today.  We enjoy the calling of God, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the name of the people of God. Hallelujah!

This past weekend was an amazing weekend. Some of you went to the rally against abortion, for life, at the Planned Parenthood building in Aurora. Well over a thousand people gathered there to let our government know that we are against abortion. Continue to pray for the abolishing of abortion in our day.

Then Saturday afternoon, Pray Naperville gathered just off the River Walk and around 250 people gathered just to pray for the needs of the people of Naperville. It was a two hour service including an hour of prayer. The Holy Spirit met with us there as we prayed. That evening, men and women were on the streets of Naperville giving out the gospel to those who would stop. Dave and Rob had several opportunities to engage people with the gospel. I am certain that God answered prayer from Saturday afternoon in the outreach Saturday night.

Keep our community in prayer that God would show us just how He wants us to move to do His work.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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