Worship our Creator with Abandon

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Psalm 95

1     Oh come, let us sing to the Lord!

Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.

2     Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;

Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.

3     For the Lord is the great God,

And the great King above all gods.

4     In His hand are the deep places of the earth;

The heights of the hills are His also.

5     The sea is His, for He made it;

And His hands formed the dry land.

6     Oh come, let us worship and bow down;

Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.

7     For He is our God,

And we are the people of His pasture,

And the sheep of His hand.

As I read this Psalm I do not think of people in church but people at a ball game. The Psalmist speaks of singing, of shouting joyfully, of thanksgiving, of more shouting joyfully, of worship and bowing down, and of kneeling. For most of us, church has become a place of closed mouths and moderate or quiet singing. (The loudness of the singing tends to diminish as one gets closer to the back of the church.) When I have been to hockey games, the crowd is shouting all the way to the back row in the top section. (That is usually where we sit.)

The point here is that we loudly shout for that which we worship. In fact, worship with abandon is normal and generally demonstrates where our heart is set at that moment. The Psalmist here says that we are to worship the Lord with abandon!

In this Psalm we are also told why we worship with abandon. God is the Rock of our salvation. God is the great King above all gods. In His hand are the deep places of the earth and the highest hills. The sea belongs to Him for He made it and all that is in it. His hands also formed the dry land. He is our God and we are His sheep of His pasture, which He has made.

I am loving this creation study for over and over I see that when the Bible speaks of God the creator of all it then speaks of our worship of Him or of His desire for our salvation. I can pray to God knowing that He can answer my prayer because He made everything I see. The Bible does not prove God as creator just so we can be creationists. God wants us to see Him as creator so we will be able to trust Him with all of our prayers, our eternal salvation and give Him loud worship.

It is Friday. The week has flown by. Last night I went with Dave to a meeting in Naperville of parents whose children are heroin addicts. The group splits and the parents go in one room while their children, most of them are late teens into their twenties, go in another room. Dave had amazing opportunities to present Christ to the room with those struggling with heroin addiction. I had opportunity to participate in the room with the parents. What a grieving group that is! They are looking for answers and gather to help each other the best they know how. There was a funeral last night for a girl who overdosed this week. It was a sobering time as many of the parents knew the girl. (There were over 30 parents and siblings of heroin addicts in this room.) Pray for opened doors into these hurting people’s lives.

Remember to pray for Pastor Bill and his community services today.

Pray for RU tonight that some of those Dave met last night would come and discuss their issues with Christianity with him.

Sunday I will be bringing part 3 in the series on Creation from the rest of the Bible. This Sunday we will be looking at Isaiah 45 and the need for faith. I do hope you are able to take this series home to your dinner table and talk together about creation.

Have a great day in the Lord, PS

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