The cause of the blessed life

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Psalm 119:1–8

1 Blessed are the undefiled in the way, Who walk in the law of the Lord!

2 Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, Who seek Him with the whole heart!

3 They also do no iniquity; They walk in His ways.

4 You have commanded us To keep Your precepts diligently.

5 Oh, that my ways were directed To keep Your statutes!

6 Then I would not be ashamed, When I look into all Your commandments.

7 I will praise You with uprightness of heart, When I learn Your righteous judgments.

8 I will keep Your statutes; Oh, do not forsake me utterly!

Psalm 119 is an amazing chapter of the Bible and an amazing piece of poetry. It is a stand-alone writing that exalts the Word of God in every verse. The Psalm is broken into sections so we will be reading it section by section for the next few weeks.

The Psalm opens up with a statement of the result of the Word of God in our lives and followed by those who will follow it. The word “blessed” is used. So, those who learn and keep and follow and direct their lives according to the word of God will be blessed people.

I am not sure why so many church people, who claim Christ and come faithfully to church, do not enjoy a blessed life. Surely we know the teachings of the Bible. Surely we are aware of the wisdom contained in its pages. We have even seen the lives of those who have lived the Word and have borne witness to the blessing of God upon them.

When I was in college, I visited a home of a man whose children, all eight of them, got along. They sang as they did the dishes. They treated each other with loving care. The parents showed forth the love of Christ even in correction. I left that home with a mental note, “this is the kind of home that I want when I have children.”

A blessed life is the result of a life surrendered to the word and the way of God’s word. There is no short-cut to blessedness. Walk in the law of the Lord and be blessed or ignore the law of the Lord and don’t be blessed. This teaching is the introductory lesson to this great Psalm.

I spent Sunday night and Monday at Victory Academy. They are doing well and are thankful for our prayers. They started the year with eight boys, a full house. It is going well for them and all of the boys are still engaged. Pray for the staff as they live with the boys, teach them, recreate with them, eat with them and work with them. From each of these times comes opportunities for heart-touching counsel. Pray that the staff will find open hearts at these important moments.


Please pray for my father-in-law. His son, Ed Jr. leaves today to go back to Brazil leaving my dad alone for the first time since his wife of 62 years died. We all know it is going to be a challenging time. Do keep Ed in your prayers and heart.


Have a great day in the Lord,

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