Asking for help against those who oppress us

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Psalm 119

121  I have done justice and righteousness;

Do not leave me to my oppressors.

122  Be surety for Your servant for good;

Do not let the proud oppress me.

123  My eyes fail from seeking Your salvation

And Your righteous word.

124  Deal with Your servant according to Your mercy,

And teach me Your statutes.

125  I am Your servant;

Give me understanding,

That I may know Your testimonies.

126  It is time for You to act, O Lord,

For they have regarded Your law as void.

127  Therefore I love Your commandments

More than gold, yes, than fine gold!

128  Therefore all Your precepts concerning all things

I consider to be right;

I hate every false way.

In this section the Psalmist cries out according to his actions of justice and righteousness, that is, because he has acted with justice and in righteousness, he prays the he not be left to the abuse of his oppressors.  All of us have, at times, asked God to show us favor because of our faithfulness to Him.  This is not an unusual prayer.  We know we have not lived perfectly but we do know that we have lived differently and have done so because we love and want to honor our God.  So we seek salvation from Him and from His righteous word.  We plead with God to deal with us according to His mercy for we know we have not lived perfectly and we want Him to teach us His statutes so we can live even better toward Him.

When attacked from others we want God to know that we are His servants.  While I work for the church I am God’s servant first and foremost.  Whomever you work for, you are God’s servant first; go to Him for understanding of those who are against you so that you can treat them righteously.

Have you ever prayed this prayer? “It is time for You to act, O Lord, For they have regarded Your law as void.”  When those around you do not follow God’s laws and as such make your life hard do you tell God that it is time for Him to act?  There are times when we see God at work and then there are times when we need to see Him work.  We count all of God’s words as true.  We do not doubt what He says for whatever He says is right.  His counsel is better than gold and is of more value.  We will follow Him when we are attacked by those who do not know Him.

We got wonderful news from Brent yesterday. Becky’s surgery was completed and the doctors gave them a 90% assurance that the removed tumor was benign.  Hallelujah! and thanks to God for showing His favor.  We rejoice in answered prayer and thank God for giving Becky her life.

Tomorrow morning is our men’s prayer breakfast. Meet us at 7:30 at Denny’s by the mall. 

Sunday morning many of us are going to the First Baptist Church of Big Rock for Steven’s installation service there. The service starts at 11:00.  The church address is 201 Lincoln Ave, Big Rock.  Take I-88 to Route 56 toward Sugar Grove. Do not get off at Sugar Grove but stay on 56 which will turn into Route 30.  Route 30 will take you into Big Rock.  On the west side of town is Lincoln Ave.  Turn left on Lincoln Ave and you will soon see the church on your right. We will be joining the congregation for lunch at the church.  If you plan on staying please bring a dish to share. 

There will also be service at Grace for Life. Pastor Bruce Dunford will be bringing the message there from Colossians 3:1-17 a message entitled, “Right with the World.”  There will not be any Sunday school this Sunday. 

Have a great day in the Lord, PS

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