God is able, He has proved it

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Psalm 145:10–16

10 All Your works shall praise You, O Lord, And Your saints shall bless You.

11 They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom, And talk of Your power,

12 To make known to the sons of men His mighty acts, And the glorious majesty of His kingdom.

13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.

14 The Lord upholds all who fall, And raises up all who are bowed down.

15 The eyes of all look expectantly to You, And You give them their food in due season.

16 You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Often in the Psalms we have seen statements about God followed by statements of His abilities to take care of us.  In this section we see that formula used to show us that God will uphold us when we fall, raise us up when are bowed down by the weights of life, feed us when we are hungry and satisfy all of our desires. 


God’s works praise Him.  A builder might press his company crest into the sidewalk leading up to a house he built.  The completed house blesses the name of the builder.  Manufacturers put their names on their products so that those who see it and like it will bless the manufacturer and want their product.  When your children got good grades you put that report card on the refrigerator as a way to bless them for their work.  God’s works are no different.  When we see something that God made we should bless Him for His works.  There are no works like God’s works for He has indeed made all things.


God’s works speak of the glory of His kingdom and demonstrate His power.  Who but God can hang planets and stars in space, put the earth in the exact orbit of the sun, perfectly balance the hydrogen and nitrogen in our system to sustain life, and then set up season cycles to feed an entire planet year after year?  God’s works show us His glory and His power. 


God’s kingdom will never fail.  All of the kingdoms of men eventually fail but God’s kingdom will endure forever.  God’s rule has gone from generation to generation for thousands of years.  This is our God.  This is the One we go to in our hour of need.  Is this God able to lift us when we fall, straighten us when we are bowed down, feed us when we are hungry and satisfy our desires?   Oh yes He is.  God has never failed even one of His own and He is not going to start by failing you or me.  Bless God’s name today as the One who is always there for your every need. 

Yesterday was our church’s annual business meeting.  It was a blessing and a joy to hear from the different ministries.  God is using many of us throughout the year to accomplish His purposes here and we are glad to be used by Him. Thanks to all of you who reported and to the attention you gave to your reports.  I came home thanking God for each of you and for the ministries you represent. 


As we go forward we are looking to the Holy Spirit of God to manifest His power amongst us.  We desire that 2016 be a year of unique conversions, unique healings, unique victories and unique provision.  We are seeking God’s wisdom through all of the members and know that when the Holy Spirit manifests Himself through any of us all of us will know and will rejoice.  We are one “body” united by Christ Himself to move in a unified way to do God’s work here. 


Grace for Life Bible Church




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Have a great day in the Lord,

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