Only Christ satisfies – Isaiah 55

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Come drink of my water, my milk, my wine and eat of my bread and do so without price. To quote John Calvin, “But I have no doubt that under these words, “waters, milk, wine, bread,” Isaiah includes all that is necessary for spiritual life; for the metaphors are borrowed from those kinds of food which are in daily use amongst us. As we are nourished by “bread, wine, milk, and water,” so in like manner let us know that our souls are fed and supported by the doctrine of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, and other gifts of Christ.”
In this message, Pastor Steve shows us the emptiness of all of this life’s pursuits and the emptiness of religion. Nothing satisfies as Jesus Christ satisfies. Those who seek after the false fulfillment of this world are like hungry street children who sniff ether and glue to abate their hunger, they feel better but they are still hungry.

Isaiah 55 Only Christ Satisfies from Pastor Steve Schroeder on Vimeo.

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