Religion is not enough, a Savior is needed by all

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John 8

37 “I know that you are Abraham’s descendants, but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you. 38 I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have seen with your father.”

39 They answered and said to Him, “Abraham is our father.”

Jesus said to them, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would do the works of Abraham. 40 But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth which I heard from God. Abraham did not do this. 41 You do the deeds of your father.”

Then they said to Him, “We were not born of fornication; we have one Father—God.”


The powerful confusion of religion is seen here in the Jews’ response to Christ.  As a nation, Israel claimed to be the people of God.  Going back to their forefather Abraham, they saw themselves as special, a people uniquely called by God.  God gave them their name and God gave them His law.  God protected them in battle and God gave them their land.  They were God’s chosen people.  The problem was that they saw themselves as a people who did not need a Savior.

I have met people like this throughout my life.  They were born into a church family and baptized into a church membership.  Their parents were a part of the church as were their grandparents.  Claiming this heritage of a people of God they saw themselves as without a need of a Savior.  As Israel felt they were good with God so are many people today.  We invite them to church and they are insulted at the invitation because they have a church.  We tell them of their need of salvation through Jesus Christ and they look down at us as though we are a plague and brush us away as flies.  We are a nuisance to their well-organized religious life.

Jesus sought to give these sin and religion blinded people His message from God and they fell back on their religious heritage, “Abraham is our father” as though that was supposed stop Jesus from telling them more.  People today are no different.  They have learned pat answers to “shut up” the Christians who try to “convert” them.  But what they are shutting up is the truth that came from God: they need a Savior and Jesus is the only candidate.

Ultimately, the crowd of Jesus day threw a dig at him letting him know that they were not born from a fornicating relationship as they believed he was.  People haven’t changed.  If they can’t get us to shut up and leave them alone the insults will soon fly.  All Jesus wanted to do was to save them from their sin.  His motives were pure and his speech was grace-filled.  We must follow Christ’s example and keep talking to people who need Him regardless of how insulting they become for they need the Savior.


Are you joining us in prayer for God to give us souls next week?  Children will come to VBS.  We have a following who bring their children every year.  It may or may not be a large crowd but children and their parents will come.  We need God to open their hearts.  So pray with me both for children to come and for them to come with their hearts ready to receive the message of God’s grace for their young lives.  I heard the Naperville fire department chief speak this week and he told of coming to Christ as a nine year old by at AWANA.  Forty years from now may there be adults in their communities who tell of coming to Christ as a child at VBS.  Pray for this with me.

Tomorrow at 9:00 we will again be meeting at the church for set-up.  If anyone wants to go pass out flyers we have a couple of spots identified that we want to hit.  Come after 9 and I will send you in a direction. 

Sunday morning the church should be set up for VBS and we will be receiving instructions for the afternoon and the evening.  Get enough rest this weekend as there won’t be much time for rest until Friday.  God will give us all of the strength that we need to do His work.  We still have a few yard signs left so if you want one or two call me.

The State is supposed to mail the permit for the new daycare owners today.  Pray for this to be done.  This DCFS licensing department is answerable to now one and will not be rushed.  We are behind in salary payments again due to the slow moving machine of the DCFS.  Pray for this chapter to come to an end soon.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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