Jesus knew who He was and what He came to do

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John 10

17 “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. 18 No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.”


As God, Jesus knew who He was and He knew what He came to do. With full understanding of the Father’s mission the Son came.  The three and a half year public ministry of Christ taught us about God, eternal life and abundant life.  Over and over again, perhaps tens of thousands of times, Jesus demonstrated power over sin, sickness and death. So well-known was Jesus for his power that when he was on the cross someone said, “He saved others, Himself he cannot save.”  That person spoke in ignorance for Jesus was going to save Himself from the tomb after his redemptive work was finished.

Think about this: on the cross, suffering for our sin, separated from the Father while bearing our eternal curse, Jesus knew he was going to raise himself from the dead. He knew all along that the Cross was not final but only an altar where He, like Isaac, would raise up from. Yes, Jesus knew that he would lay down his life and that he would take it up again.  And while the resurrection of Christ gives us hope for our resurrection, none of us thinks that we will raise ourselves from the grave.

In our study of the Lord Jesus we see the second person of the Trinity comfortable in His position.  Jesus never fought against the Father wanting something different than that for which he was made flesh.  On the contrary, Jesus lived in complete and total submission to the Father throughout his life knowing that there was a position that He was in and a work that he was to complete.  Oh that we would be so committed to our God-given positions and tasks.  Jesus was secure knowing that the Father had equipped him for life and for death and for resurrection.  God would have us to be secure in who He made us to be and in what He designed us to do.

Tomorrow morning our family is going to Sacramento to spend time with Justin and Katelyn and Joel, Hudson, Owen, and Carson.  As we get to see them only once a year, this is a greatly anticipated trip.  In our absence, Ben will be bringing the message on Sunday following an emphasis on Christian patriotism.  This will be a great service of remembering what God has done to give us our freedom to serve Him. 

Remember the funeral of Micah Schmidt this Saturday at noon.  Bobbi needs someone to set up the snacks for the family.  The wake starts at 10:00 and someone needs to set up the food in the East room before 10:00 so the family will have something to snack on.  If you can help with this please call or text Bobbi today.  I expect this funeral to have more unsaved people in attendance than we have had in any service here for a long time.  Let’s gather around Nancy and her family and their friends to show them the love of the Savior in a dark time.  Pray for a moving of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and salvation to many.  As these grieving people are coming to “our house” let’s be sure to show them our Savior’s love. 

Be in prayer for both Saturday and for Sunday.

Tonight the Glee Club is singing patriotic songs along with the Municipal Band.  Several of us will be there for the concert.  It is a fun time with a lot of really good music.  There is no cost for admission just come join us for some good family fun. It is at the band shell in Naperville starting at 7:30.  Look for Bobbi, Stef and Jared down front in the grass.  Bring chairs or a blanket.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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