Even a prophet proved the deity of Christ

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John 10

40 And He went away again beyond the Jordan to the place where John was baptizing at first, and there He stayed.

41 Then many came to Him and said, “John performed no sign, but all the things that John spoke about this Man were true.”

42 And many believed in Him there.

The proof of a man who claimed to be a prophet of God was that the things he prophesied came true. When Jonah went to Nineveh the people of Nineveh believed that Jonah was a prophet and that in forty days God was going to send cataclysmic judgment upon them. Believing Jonah the prophet’s message they all turned from their sin from the king himself to the poorest family in the city.


When Elijah prayed that it wouldn’t rain to prove the judgment of God on wicked king Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel and when the rain stopped for two and a half years the king and queen knew that Elijah was a prophet.


So when everything that John the Baptist said about Jesus came true, the people knew that John was a prophet. Jesus called John a prophet; in fact, Jesus called him the greatest prophet that ever lived. Matthew 11:11


When people attack the deity of Christ they really don’t know their history very well. When a bona fide prophet makes a prophecy and that prophecy comes true people have always acknowledged the genuineness of the prophet. So John the Baptist, a proven prophet, make proclamations about Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ fulfilled, in His life, those prophecies.


Why make a big deal out of a small point of scripture? Because God did. Every word of God is pure so no sentence is insignificant. This sentence, proving the deity of Christ in the face of claims that He was not who He said He was, is important to the deity of Christ. Not only did Christ proclaim His deity but so did a true prophet. Christ was God living amongst people who refused to accept who He was. When they realized that a prophet proclaimed Him, many believed.


Tomorrow is a church workday. There will be cleaning and organizing going on. The front doors need some paint if someone can pick up that project. We are usually here from 8-3 for anyone who can come during those hours. Remember the adage: “Many hands make light the work.”


We do have a church business meeting after the service this Sunday. We need to discuss budget issues regarding giving and missions. We also need to make a decision about the money we owe the daycare workers for their paid time off. We ask all members to stay for this meeting as we need your input.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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