Saved, sanctified, for what?

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Hebrews 9

21 Then likewise he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle and all the vessels of the ministry. 22 And according to the law almost all things are purified with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no remission.

As I was dwelling on sanctification this morning the thought of the Temple furniture came to mind.  This furniture, the golden laver, the candlesticks, the alter, the basins for washing, the instruments of sacrifice and so on, were all made of gold or overlaid with gold.  We can’t really imagine the beauty of this room in the Temple of God.  Each of these pieces in the Temple had to be sprinkled with blood to sanctify them, to make them holy, for use. What was their use?  This golden furniture was used to make sacrifices of atonement for the sins of the people.

So, as God, who designed all of this furniture, saw it was it more glorious to Him when it was glistening in the sun or when it was being used?  Of course, we know this answer; God wanted this beautiful furniture used to make atonement of sin so that man could be close to God.  So then, was the furniture more beautiful when it was glistening and clean or when it was blood covered accomplishing the purpose of its creation?  Yes, the answer to this question depends on the perspective.  Since we are interested in God’s perspective then the right answer is that it was most beautiful when covered in sacrificial blood and atonement was being made.

During the Babylonian exile all of this furniture was seized as the plunder of war and was taken to warehouses in Babylon.  While there it would have been greatly admired, maybe in some sort of museum or show room, by all who walked by.  But to God this furniture in Babylon was useless.

Why does God save and sanctify us?  Are we made holy by God through the anointing blood of Christ to be on display or to be used?  How then are we to be used?  Are we more beautiful to God with our hands clean or with our hands dirty in His service?  Christ came to sanctify us, to make us holy, to be vessels of pure service to Him.  When we are in God’s service we are pointing others to the Savior so their sins can be atoned, justified before the Father.  Let’s get out of the showroom and into the workroom where God looks on us and sees us beautiful doing His sacrificial work.

Sunday night was an amazing prayer service.  The Pray Chicago service at the Progressive Baptist Church in the shadow of Cellular Field, was one of the most powerful services I have ever attended. (I wish all of you had been there.) For two hours we sang, prayed, listened to the plea of the heart of Dr. Martin Luther King, had the Scriptures read, gathered in small groups for prayer, wept, and rejoiced.  At one point, Roy Patterson had a four year old girl brought up,  a truly beautiful little girl, who had been shot twice.  He then asked how many in this room of over a thousand people had a loved one shot.  More than a hundred and fifty people stood including a grandmother right behind me.  He then asked how many personally knew someone who had been shot and a third of the audience stood.  I wept.  These are people like me, Christian brothers and sisters who have personally felt the pain of violence in Chicago.  Dr. Irwin Lutzer spoke briefly about the necessity of unity in the body of Christ.  We prayed again and again.  Folks, my heart was touched and my life changed.  Join continually for a movement of the Holy Spirit of God to save souls all around us.  Salvation is the only answer. 

Have a great day in the Lord,


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