Multiplied Grace and Peace

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2 Peter 1:1–2

1 Simeon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who have obtained a faith of equal standing with ours by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ:

2 May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

In most religious systems the leaders of the system have enviable positions and those who find themselves looking up to those leaders will either strive to attain that position or will accept their own inferiority. Peter debunks that idea when it comes to Bible Christianity. Since we don’t have a system of religion but a relationship with God by faith in His grace, Peter makes it clear that all who have obtained this faith are on equal standing with the Apostles, the very leaders of the movement.

No, we are not Apostles nor do we believe in apostolic succession. Peter wants us to know that all who come to God through faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ are on equal standing. James told the rich to be humbled and the poor to step up. When men and women come to the Cross of Jesus Christ they will find that the ground there is level. There are no superior Christians and there are no lesser Christians. The rich rejoice in their humility and the poor rejoice in their exaltation. All are equal when it comes to repentance of sin and acceptance of grace.

In verse 2 Peter uses a word that I want to emphasize today. Peter wants those who have come to Christ to have grace and peace multiplied to them in the knowledge of Jesus our Lord. God grants us His grace and His peace at salvation then He wants to multiply His investment in us. Saving grace and peace is amazing but the grace and peace needed to continue living for Christ is a multiplied grace and peace. God never saves us just to get us by; no, God saves us to continue giving us the grace and peace needed for every day of our lives.

Peter had enjoyed this multiplied grace and peace over and over in his life and now wants us to know and enjoy the same. Whatever situation you find yourself in, look to your Lord and Savior and cry out to Him for the grace and the peace that you need to get through it. God, who has deposited saving grace in you, wants to multiply that grace to carry you all the way to His glorious presence. Look to Him in your moment of need and find Him granting you multiplied grace and peace for every day of your walk with Him.

Saturday night I came down with a head cold and it has primarily affected my sleep. This has caused me to be unable to get up as usual. Consequently, I have not been able to maintain writing the devotionals. I appreciate your prayer for my health that I might quickly get back to “normal.”

Tonight is our midweek prayer and Bible study time. I am going to ask those of you who do not normally join us for prayer to do so tonight. Come at 7:00 and if needed leave at 7:45. We are praying together for God to open hearts of men and women both in our church and in our community this year. If we want God to know that we are serious about this matter then we must gather together as a church body in prayer for this cry of our hearts.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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