God is God; listen to and follow Him

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Isaiah 45

4     For Jacob My servant’s sake,

And Israel My elect,

I have even called you by your name;

I have named you, though you have not known Me.

5     I am the Lord, and there is no other;

There is no God besides Me.

I will gird you, though you have not known Me, That they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting

That there is none besides Me.

I am the Lord, and there is no other;

7     I form the light and create darkness,

I make peace and create calamity;

I, the Lord, do all these things.’

Israel had disobeyed God over and over again.  They had forsaken Him and served and worshipped idols instead of the One true God.  God brought this nation from one man, Abraham, and had indeed made them into a great nation.  God put them in Egypt then delivered them from Egypt.  God gave them His law and His messengers.  God gave them the Promised Land where they had cities and homes they did not build, riches they did not mine, and crops they did not plant.  God gave them victory over every enemy they encountered in His name.  God loved Israel, His chosen, with an everlasting love.

When God calls us out of the slavery of our sin and puts His name upon us we have much to rejoice in.  He is the One who put His light into the darkness of our hearts.  He is the One who redeemed us from our sin and continually delivers us from the enemies of our souls.  He is God and there is none other.

The point here is that God is worthy of our praise, we get that, and He is also worthy of our faithful obedience to Him.  Because He is God and there is none other He alone is to be sought, listened to and followed.  In the world there are many voices calling for our attention.  Filter every voice through the light of the Lord in your heart.  Make sure that every voice you follow is in agreement with the voice of God.  Israel rejected the word of the Lord over and over again. They listened more and more to the voices of the pagans around them and began to believe them over God.  We are no less prone to this than ancient Israel was.  Pour everything you hear through God’s word.  Let God be your light and your guide in every social issue.  Accept when God is right and when society is wrong.  Set your heart on the holiness of the God who is and He will be your faithful – dependable – Guide.

We had a good Mother’s Day at church.  It was a blessing to hear testimonies of moms from Peggy and Lydia.  It was fun to hear who had the most great-grandchildren, and children.  We had a nice afternoon with three moms at our house not being in too much of a hurry and then getting out in the yard with the kids and grandkids to plant the flowers bought for Bobbi.   I hope your Mother’s Day was nice too. 

Pray for Ken and Beth as Ken lost his job yesterday.  They need our prayers for God’s provision of a job of equal or greater compensation.  Pray he finds one in the area so they can stay and be a blessed part of our church.

Have a great day in the Lord,



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