Beautiful Feet

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Isaiah 52

7 How beautiful upon the mountains

Are the feet of him who brings good news,

Who proclaims peace,

Who brings glad tidings of good things,

Who proclaims salvation,

Who says to Zion,

“Your God reigns!”

8 Your watchmen shall lift up their voices,

With their voices they shall sing together;

For they shall see eye to eye

When the Lord brings back Zion.

9 Break forth into joy, sing together,

You waste places of Jerusalem!

For the Lord has comforted His people,

He has redeemed Jerusalem.

Paul referred to the beautiful feet of those who spread the gospel and used the feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace in the passage on the armor of the Lord.  What we see in this illustration is that the gospel has to be taken places; it does not go by itself.   These beautiful feet might take the form of a radio program, a gospel tract, a text message or more.  But someone had to prepare the message to be sent and to then send it out.  Tracts that stay in the rack at church are not being used.

I used to have to remind Bobbi that my feet were beautiful.  She didn’t think so. But I had God’s word on it so I was pretty convinced.  What are your feet like?  Have they been made beautiful through the distribution of God’s tidings of peace?  Do people look forward to your coming because you bring God’s peace with you?

Israel was in a mess of a time.  They had rejected God’s prophets and were living in rebellion.  But God continued to send His messengers with His messages of peace.  Whenever God’s message was received joy and singing of praise to Him resulted.  We are no different.  We are born in sin ready to fight against God and His love.  But when He sends His messengers to us they carry God’s peace and love and truth and we, convinced of His offer of grace, receive it by faith and rejoice with the new family of God.  We then thank the one who with their beautiful feet brought us God’s redeeming message.

Our Riverwalk outreach tonight is in flux.  If you are planning on coming please call or text me after 4:00 and I will know by then if we are going to be able to make it work. 

I am looking forward to Sunday.  Our teens will be giving testimony to their time at the Lead the Cause camp and I will be bringing a message on prayer to prepare our hearts for God to work through us. 

Be in prayer for Nancy’s funeral tomorrow that as the gospel is given hearts will surrender to it. 

Have a great day in the Lord,


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