We are healed

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Isaiah 53

5      But He was wounded for our transgressions,

He was bruised for our iniquities;

The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,

And by His stripes we are healed.

We have to take a moment today to try to understand the work of our Lord Jesus.   We are the ones who had gone astray.  We are the ones who have turned away.  We, all of us born of women, have a sin nature that causes us to live selfish and self-centered lives.  Our own sins are the sins that separate us from God both now and forever.  God knows this.  So severe is our sin and so complete is our separation from God that God knew there was only one possible way for us to be healed from our sin sickness.

God determined that a perfect sacrifice was necessary, sinless blood to take away sinful blood.  “The blood of Christ Jesus has power to save; the blood of my Savior has washed sins away.  He left heaven’s glory to die on a tree to purchase salvation for sinners like me.”  Every event of the last day of the life of Jesus Christ was designed by the Father to pay the price of our sin debt to Him.  For not only did the Father design the payment, He also accepts the payment of the work of Christ on our behalf, as our payment for our sin.

Jesus Christ was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes from the whip of the Roman soldiers we are healed.  Yes, we are healed from the debt of our sin.  Yes, we are washed clean by the sinless blood of the sacrifice of Christ.  Yes, He took our sin upon Himself so that we could eternally enjoy His righteousness.  We are healed!  The moment we come to Christ and accept His payment for our sin, we are eternally healed.  “He who has the Son has eternal life”.  We are healed.  “…that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.”   We are healed.

Are you today, already, have you been healed from the sickness of your sin?  There is no “I hope so” allowed here.  Jesus went through immense suffering and death so that we could be completely healed from the sickness of our sin.  Are you healed?  If you cannot answer “yes” to this question, would you fall to your knees right now and call upon the Father to take the blood of the Son to fully wash you with that perfect sacrifice so that you can be healed from your sin?  Jesus said these wonderful words, “He that comes to me I will not cast out.”  Come to Him with your sin and be healed today.

Is there someone you can forward this devotional to today?  The person or persons that are praying for to be saved might be the ones you can send this to. 

Tonight we plan to start the movie around 8:00.  I hope to see you there.  This is a fun event for the family and you will enjoy it. 

Be in prayer for Sunday that God will use our time together in church to accomplish His purposes in us.  This will be Ken and Beth’s last Sunday with us as well as Mike’s last Sunday with us. 

Have a great day in the Lord,


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