God’s perspective on the death of the righteous

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Isaiah 57

1 The righteous perishes,

And no man takes it to heart;

Merciful men are taken away,

While no one considers

That the righteous is taken away from evil.

2    He shall enter into peace;

They shall rest in their beds,

Each one walking in his uprightness.

As Christians, we grieve when a brother or a sister in Christ is killed for their faith.  We read books about those who have been martyred and find their stories hard to read and we often stain the pages with our tears.  We admire them for their courage and weep for their loss.  We don’t understand what God has done and whey He didn’t step in to spare their lives.

Then we read Isaiah 57 and God tells us that He has reason for the death of the righteous.  We read here that God takes the righteous from this life to save them from the evil that is coming.  When the whole world goes through evil after evil, the righteous who are with God will be at peace resting far away from the evil they have left behind.

Take comfort in the death of the righteous.  God has taken them to be with Him and in one sense is protecting them from the evil of this world.  They are at peace with God resting totally apart from the evils of sin.  Yes, our God knows what He is doing, even when He takes a righteous person out of this life.

Tomorrow there is a memorial service at the church at 11:30 for a close friend of Barb Keller.  If you know Barb feel free to come and spend some time with her and the family.

Sunday is dinner day, be sure to come prepared to share and to stay.  We always enjoy our times there together.  After dinner, Dave and I will be going out to downtown Naperville (weather permitting) to try to engage people to talk to us about the Lord.  Feel free to join us and learn how to go “fishing for men.”

Have a great day in the Lord,

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