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Isaiah 65

23   They shall not labor in vain,

Nor bring forth children for trouble;

For they shall be the descendants of the blessed of the Lord,

And their offspring with them.

24   “It shall come to pass

That before they call, I will answer;

And while they are still speaking, I will hear.

25   The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,

The lion shall eat straw like the ox,

And dust shall be the serpent’s food.

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,”

Says the Lord.

The last two chapters of Isaiah mirror the book of Revelation.  They speak of the New Jerusalem where God will dwell forever with His own.  These verses speak to a coming day when no labor will be in vain.  How many times have I done a job that was either done wrong or just didn’t matter?  Never again will that be the case when we are in our eternal habitation.  Since it does speak of labor it does not say that we will be sitting on clouds holding harps.  Boy-oh-boy am I glad of that.

“We won’t bring forth children for trouble” is a euphemistic phrase because Jesus said that there is neither marrying nor giving in marriage in heaven.  This speaks to our labor always being righteous. So often in parenting we wonder what we worked so hard for.  This will never be the case in heaven for all that we do will be for righteousness.

We will be so close to God at all times that verse 22 says before we call out to God He will answer and while we are speaking to God He is hearing us.  Immediate answers to prayer are one of the blessings of heaven.  No more will we send out a cry to God and wonder for He will be hearing and answering as we pray.

Ever since God had to kill the first lambs to cover the first sins, there has been violence on the earth.  In creation, God made the animals to eat herbs and plants.  There was no fear in the Garden that man or animal was in danger.  So it will be again in heaven.  All animals will be domesticated and we will not fear them nor will they fear us.  But notice this; the serpent is still cursed for it will still slither along the ground.

It all ends with “Thus says the Lord.”  God’s signature is on His document and His promises are set in the stone of His immutability.  God will never change thus we can always trust His word to be true.  So, there is coming a wonderful day when all who came to God through Christ in this life will enjoy His presence in His holy place forever.  That is a day to look forward to.

7:00 Tonight at the Riverwalk we will begin our last sketchboard outreach for the season.  We are going to need some in the crowd who can sing for us.  I trust you can make it out. 

Dinner day is Sunday after church.  Plan to stay and join with us.

Thanks to God, Dawn’s surgery went well, she was home earlier than expected.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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