Jesus Came to Save the Lost

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Matthew 18

11 For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

Is there a greater text in all of the Bible that gives hope to sinners?  “Thank You, Lord Jesus, for coming to this wretched and sinful earth to save us who were lost, to save me who was lost.”  We are a lost bunch. There is none good amongst us, at least none that does right and does it for the right reason. We might care and show love but it isn’t always to the glory of God whose love we share.  We care because we want to care and we love because we feel good when we do.  All human motivations are ultimately self-focused and only when we are saved from our sin do we show love and care for the right reason.

We are a lost bunch. We cannot choose good for long.  We are quick to judgment and hate.  Bitterness rises up when we are wronged.  There aren’t any really good reasons to keep us from sinful pleasures for very long.  We do not naturally seek after God but after our own desires and satisfaction.  We are a lost bunch.

So why did Jesus come to this wretched and sin-cursed earth?  Thankfully, Jesus came to save those who are lost.  Yes, Jesus fed the hungry and healed the sick but those miracles proved His deity.  Jesus came to save the lost.  Even Lazarus, whom Jesus spectacularly raised from the dead, had the misfortune of having to die twice.  But, those whom Jesus saves from their sins gain eternal life with Him.  Jesus did not come to do humanitarian work; He came to save the lost.

Whom do you know that needs the Savior?  Would you pray for God to give you or someone the opportunity to lead them to the One who came to save them from their lost condition?   When you talk to people, are you aware that they are lost and need Jesus to save them?  If Jesus came to save the lost and He lives in us then we ought to be aware of those around us who also need the Savior to save them from their lost condition.


OK men, tomorrow morning, 7:30, Denny’s at New York and Rt 59. Prayer breakfast.

 This Sunday is a praise and thanksgiving day at Grace for Life. Join us as this is my last official Sunday as pastor of Grace for Life.  We leave Wednesday for California as Ben gets ordained the next week.  I will be back in town the month of November and will probably preach a couple of times at Grace for Life during the month.  This is a bitter-sweet time for us as we anticipate God’s leading in our lives in Jakarta but hurt deeply in leaving so many whom we love and care for. 

Have a great day in the Lord,



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