Our sick Elianna

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So many of you have been praying for Steven and Rachel’s daughter, Elianna.  Last Thursday night her lungs reacted to some airborne toxin which caused the lungs to swell.  The swelling was such that Elianna could not breathe.  There were a few moments during the next four hours that we did not know if she was going to live.  Thanks to a doctor at Rush Copely who demanded she be stabilized with a breathing tube and a respirator before she was transported to Rush Medical Center in Chicago.  Thanks to a doctor at Rush who took over Elianna’s case before she got there and acted quickly and decisively when she arrived there.  Most of all, thanks to God who gave wisdom and guidance to all who cared for her that dark night.  God has shown Himself loving and kind to our family and to Elianna.  We are thankful to God for His grace to us as He saved us from greater trials.  God Himself has been our Good Shepherd caring for the older and the younger sheep.

As of tonight, Elianna is still intubated but they have taken her off of the paralytic making sure she can breathe on her own.  Yesterday noon they turned off the respirator and she has been breathing on her own since.  Today they took a lung test and cleaned the lungs preparing to remove the tubes tomorrow.  The Lord, our good Shepherd, has carried his sheep through a dark time and we are now seeing the light of his healing and care.  Thanks to all who have uplifted our dear Elianna in your prayers.  We know our Lord has heard all of your prayers and continues to do so.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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