A Glad Father

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Proverbs 10

1.The proverbs of Solomon:

A wise son makes a glad father,

But a foolish son is the grief of his mother.

When we read the Proverbs, we can apply these wisdom sayings a couple of ways. This one has two pretty clear applications: the first is a human son or daughter to their parents, the second is our human lives to our heavenly Father.

Since I remember first being a son to my human father, I came to understand this proverb in relationship to my actions toward him. When I acted foolishly my father was not glad. In fact, just the opposite would happen. In my foolishness I would bring grief to my father and my mother and would face their correction for my foolishness. Contrariwise, when I acted in wisdom toward my father, I would enjoy his gladness toward me. This became very clear to me so that I determined to act in wisdom toward my dad enjoying his gladness over me. Then when he praised me for acting in wisdom my heart would swell with joy.

Before long, this parallel then became evident toward my heavenly Father. The greater challenge with Him was that He knew everything I said, did, and thought. The desire to live in wisdom toward Him presented a greater challenge. Nonetheless, I knew when I was bringing gladness to my heavenly Father and I knew when I caused him grief. This is not a difficult concept but one well worth our time and meditation. I have to ask myself this simple question: “Do I, by my choices in life, make my heavenly Father glad?”


Yesterday our son Justin, his wife Katelyn, and their boys, Joel, Hudson, Owen, and Carson landed in Jakarta. They will be visiting with us for ten days. What a joy to wake up this morning to the boys smiles and energy. We have already gone for a walk, eaten breakfast, and are now getting ready to go swimming. Tomorrow we are going to the city zoo, Rangunan Zoo. (For you non-Indonesians, look it up on Google.) I will be sure to post some pictures tomorrow.


Have a great day in the Lord,



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