Be careful of what you want

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Proverbs 10

2     Treasures of wickedness profit nothing,

But righteousness delivers from death.

3     The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish,

But He casts away the desire of the wicked.

Many movies and stories are written and acted out that depict those who make huge profits from wicked practices. Most of the time, in the story anyway, the bad guy who makes the money from wickedness ends up arrested, dead, or broke. While this makes for a good story line, Solomon gives this warning to us all. Down through time money has been made from wickedness. Today there are so many investments available that we have to be careful where we invest so that we avoid profiting from wicked businesses. More than sharing in wicked profits, Solomon is letting us know that those who make money through wickedness are not to be envied. Their lives, though comfortable and plush will not go well in every area.

In contrast to the treasures of wickedness, we are told that righteousness delivers from death. So, what is better, a life without real profit or a death with great profit?   What we see here is wisdom beyond what the eye can see, the hand can touch, or the tongue can taste. Remember the song we sang last Sunday taken from the Psalms. “Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in our house than a thousand elsewhere.”

The parallel statement is that God will not allow the soul of the righteous to famish. Do you find it interesting that Solomon speaks to the level of the soul which is deeper within than the normal appetites and desires of the flesh? Have you had money in your pocket but been hungry in your soul? Have had no money in your pocket but had God’s peace in your soul? While I would prefer both, some money with me and God’s peace in my soul, I get the writer’s point. Peace in the soul is of greater value than the pursuance of all types of human desires.

We went to the zoo yesterday. It was a beautiful day to go and the boys, even Jared, loved it. For some reason, the monkeys got vocal and made really loud noises for a long time. We played tug-of-war through the cages using sticks for a rope. It was all great fun.

This Sunday, Justin will be bringing the message here at JIBC. I look forward to our church getting to know him, Katelyn and their family. Pray for us, last night we met a man for a second time, and he brought up questions about the difference between Catholic and Christian and Orthodox. He is from Bangladesh and is open to meeting again. Pray for Sunday that God will work everywhere that His word is opened and proclaimed.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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