The importance of wise words

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Proverbs 10

19    In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,

But he who restrains his lips is wise.

20    The tongue of the righteous is choice silver;

The heart of the wicked is worth little.

21    The lips of the righteous feed many,

But fools die for lack of wisdom.

In this section of Proverbs we see an emphasis on the words that we speak. “By our words we are justified and by our words we are condemned.” The two ways that people know us is by our actions and by our words. If our good actions are accompanied by bitter words then even our good actions will be rejected. When we speak too many words we are putting ourselves in danger of using sinful words. When we restrain our lips from too much speaking we are practicing wisdom. Those who talk too much usually end up in foolish talk. Those who wait their turn to talk usually are worth listening to.

While the tongue, the member of speech, when used rightly is like pure silver, the heart of one who speaks wickedly is not worth much. Please note that you can live without a tongue but you cannot live without a heart so the emphasis on the good tongue and the evil heart is interesting. What we learn here is that there are people who are worth listening to and there are those who are not worth listening to. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so those who have a wicked heart will also have wicked words.

Not only is the tongue of the wise an organ of value, we also see that the lips of the righteous provide food and provision for others. Words used from a loving and caring heart will find ways to help and to feed the poor.   I have trouble with empty conversations about empty lives. Listening to those who have spent their lives caring for the needs of others is far more interesting. By using words to care people have something worth talking about.

The challenge of using wisdom in our speech is one that we need every day. You will find that there are conversations that you do not need to be a part of and some other conversations that need your words of wisdom. Be careful how you use your words, they indicate the nature of your heart.


Let’s remember our students in school today. Those in high school and in college face daily trials of academics, peers, sports, projects, morality, and future husbands and wives. Let us pray for their focus, the purity of their spiritual minds, as well as their futures when school ends. They are looking for God’s leading while faced with many day-by-day responsibilities and issues.

Please remember to pray for our friends at Grace for Life Bible Church in Naperville. They have a young man preaching for them each week while they are looking for God’s provision of a full-time pastor.

It has been a great joy to have Justin’s family with us. They leave Friday morning as Justin needs to be back in Elk Grove to teach Saturday and to preach on Sunday.

Have a great day in the Lord,




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