Diligent work makes a difference

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Proverbs 12

27    The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting,

But diligence is man’s precious possession.

28    In the way of righteousness is life,

And in its pathway there is no death.


In a culture where hunting was for food, a lazy man might bring home the animal taken in the hunt and not prepare it for food. This sounds extreme for why even go on the hunt if you are too lazy to prepare it for dinner? This could be a hyperbole, using an extreme example to make a point. The point seems to be the second part of the verse that human diligence has great value to those who practice it.


Yes, there are times when I want to be lazy, when that which I need to do I want to set aside because I just don’t want to get up and do it. (I felt that way about the treadmill last night, the treadmill lost.) In giving advice to young people who are starting their first job, I give them two words of advice: 1. Be on time for work, in fact, be ten minutes early every shift you work. 2. Do everything that the boss expects of you. Having been an employer, these two points are key to showing diligence. I tell young people that if they do these two things, they will get promoted.


We don’t think of diligence as being a possession, much less a precious possession, but it is the diligent who get up and go to work, give their work their best efforts and take care of themselves and their family. It is the diligent who develop their talents and use them to greater and greater capacities throughout their lives. As we practice diligence, verse 28, calls our path the “way of the righteous” in whose “pathway there is no death.” Those who are diligent know righteousness and walk in it. As we walk in righteous diligence, we enjoy life. The pathway of life for the diligent righteous is a way of life, enjoy it. (Perhaps there is a lesson here about enjoying that which we take in hunting, enjoying that which we diligently work for.)

My parents are in good spirits. They are packed up and ready to leave on Tuesday morning. Pray with us for safety and good health as they travel.

We are doing well. Thanks for all of the prayers; God is doing His wonderful work

I missed the spring Naperville Men’s Glee Club concert on Sunday. After 20 years of singing with them, I did miss not being a part of this one. Steve directed much of it; it is still a part of his life.


Have a great day in the Lord,


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