Parental Wisdom

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Proverbs 13:1

A wise son heeds his father’s instruction,

But a scoffer does not listen to rebuke.

When I was a teacher a point was not learned by my students until it was repeatedly repeated. I would teach it in class, assign it for homework, check the homework, give a quiz on it and then review it before the test. The only way my students learned was by review, review and more review.   It seems that Solomon understood this principle of learning as he seems to repeat himself in regard to our attaining wisdom.

Those who heed a father’s instruction are wise. Those who do not listen to rebuke are scoffers in their hearts.

Fathers and mothers have lived longer than their children. Fathers and mothers have more life experiences than their children. Fathers and mothers have made mistakes that they want their children to avoid. Fathers and mothers have invested heavily into their children. Fathers and mothers pray for their children. Fathers and mothers want what is best for their children. When children reject their parents instruction, they are being foolish in every way. They think themselves smarter than their parents and better able to navigate life without them. How foolish this sinful flesh is.

Some time ago a phrase was introduced that made sense to many people but it never made sense to me. When teenagers would get rebellious toward their parents it was called “normal teen rebellion.” When is it ok to reject parent’s wisdom? When is it good for teenagers to rebel and force their own way over top of their more knowledgeable parents? Rebellion may have become normal, but it is never normal in the sense of being acceptable.

A son or a daughter who scoffs their parent’s instruction is headed toward pain and also creates pain for their parents.

Let us wrestle in prayer for our children to follow wisdom for their good. Let us pray that our children will see their scoffing as foolish and surrender their hearts to those who care the most for them.


Tomorrow there will be noon prayer at the church at 11:45. Pak Jon Abraham will be leading it. I will be speaking at Binus school in Serpong at noon and would very much like your prayers for the young people there to hear and to respond to the Word of God. I am just a pipe carrying the flowing message of God. Pray that the message will be heard and will sink into the hearts and lives of those who hear it.

 Have a great day in the Lord,


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