Satisfaction verses Want

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Proverbs 13

25    The righteous eats to the satisfying of his soul,

But the stomach of the wicked shall be in want.

Let us talk for a moment today on the difference between satisfaction and want. One of the lies of the enemy of our souls is that we can be satisfied by possessions, foods, drinks, pleasures, and more. The ad agencies of the world use our desire for satisfaction to draw us into their products. Vacations are sold to give us a moment of satisfaction in our busy lives. I remember a liquor ad stating that when you drank their brand of liquor you would be satisfied. First of all, nothing of this world can satisfy for everything of this world comes to nothing. If you put it in fire and it burns or melts, it can’t satisfy. So then there is a difference between satisfaction and pleasure.

In this proverb we are taught that the righteous men and women are able to eat, to satisfy their normal desires, all the way down to their soul, that is, the very core of their being. We all love to eat and we enjoy times when there is abundance of food to eat. At those times we eat and eat until we are so full that nothing looks appetizing. However, a few hours later, we are back at the food table putting bites into our mouths again. Good and abundant food doesn’t satisfy so we know that this proverb is not about eating food. God, the Creator of life, knows how to righteously satisfy the desires He created. Whether the desire for food, sleep, relationship, sex, recreation, creativity, and more, God gave us our desires. Any attempt to find satisfaction outside of Him causes the stomach of the wicked to be in want.

Where then is the greatest satisfaction found? John Piper puts it well when he says that we are most satisfied when God is most glorified. The righteous, those who are living to glorify God, find satisfaction in doing the daily will of God. The wicked, though they eat and eat of this world are never satisfied. The eye always wants more, the lust always crave more, the selfish spirit always wants to take more, and on and on it goes. Only in the righteousness of Christ, the fulness of the Father in the Son, can we eat to the satisfying of our very souls.


So far, today is a calm day here. Last night was not. I have a friend who is Muslim and he said that he and his fellow Muslims are angry at the anarchy done in the name of Islam. Pray with us for all in this country to come to know the God of heaven as the only Prince of peace and love. Pray for confusion amongst the rioters and peace among those who know Christ. Pray for a harvest of souls here.

Pray for a man and woman who have run from Christ for a long time but are trying to come back to Him. The way of the transgressor is hard and their way back is filled with difficulties that they, in their sin, brought upon themselves. I am 10,000 miles away and they are asking me for help. Pray that God will increase their faith in Him.

Have a great day in the Lord,




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