Deliverance, Refuge, and Satisfaction

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Proverbs 14

25    A true witness delivers souls,

But a deceitful witness speaks lies.

26    In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence,

And His children will have a place of refuge.

27    The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,

To turn one away from the snares of death.


Throughout this amazing book we are taught the benefits of wisdom and the foolishness of folly in many different ways. God’s purpose must have been that we know wisdom and that we know how to choose wisdom over folly. Here we see the truthfulness that delivers souls. This was written long before Christ came to be our Savior, so Solomon is not referring directly to Christ. Nonetheless, the truth of God from His word always delivers the souls of those who place their faith in God’s truth. The importance of the truth cannot be overstated. In the past few years there have been several sin-filled movements that have redefined themselves making themselves sound good when they are nothing but evil. While the truth of God may not be popular, it is the only Word that saves souls. Let us be bold with the truth for the right reasons.

As we speak the truth we will also, in the fear of the Lord, have a strong confidence about us. Those who know us should know that we are confident with God’s truth. We do not apologize for living out God’s truth, it is our confidence. Furthermore, in this confidence of God’s truth we know God’s place of refuge. I am thankful that I have never needed to find an escape in a bottle or in a pill or in a needle. I am thankful that I have never needed an escape in my life for God is my foundation and my place of refuge.

As truth saves the soul, the fear of the Lord brings satisfaction to our thirsts. When we love our Lord and fear disobeying His loving commands, He also becomes our fountain for the water of our lives. When we think about true satisfaction, we realize that the world around us knows nothing of this. They go from activity to activity, concert to concert, movie to movie, bar to bar, and vacation to vacation looking for that moment of satisfaction and never finding it. In their quest they only find the snares of death.

“Oh Lord, thank You for saving our souls, providing our refuge, and satisfying our thirst. As those around us seek for life in the wrong places may our lives be beacons of your wisdom, your protection, and your satisfaction.”


Today is our son Ben’s and his wife, Anna’s, fourth anniversary. Looking back over our parenting years it has occurred to me that everything we did trained our sons, for good or for bad, to be husbands and fathers. Ben brings us great joy as he loves his wife, loves his two children, Emily and Josiah, loves the Lord and the Lord’s people. God has given His grace to Ben and Anna and they radiate with that grace. “Thank you, Lord, for your grace and peace, your wonderful gifts to is all and especially today to Ben and Anna.”

I will be speaking today and tomorrow at a Word of Life singles retreat here in Jakarta. Pray for opportunities for discipleship and for open hearts to God’s word. We are all going so even Jared will get to enjoy as much as he can.


It is Friday, remember to pray for all of us pastors who are preparing for Sunday and looking forward to proclaiming God’s word on Sunday. Pray for every teacher in the church as well as for the nursery workers and the musicians that Christ will be seen in us all.


Have a great day in the Lord,


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