What is acting with Prudence?

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Proverbs 15

5     A fool despises his father’s instruction,

But he who receives correction is prudent.

In trying to understand what it meant to be “prudent,” I went to a lexicon and to a dictionary. The dictionary says that one who is prudent is one who is “marked by wisdom, shrewd in the management of practical affairs, and marked by circumspection.” The lexicon said that prudent actions were “to be subtle, be shrewd, be crafty, beware.” From this, a prudent person is one who gives thought to what they do before they act and then acts in such a way that their actions are for their own good.

When Bobbi was in junior high, her father said that she could not do something that she wanted to do. When Bobbi responded to her dad that everyone was doing it, he asked her if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would she?   The pressure of the crowd around us is very powerful so there are times when we need to receive the correction that we have been taught and to act in a prudent manner for our own good.

Going back to the first part of the Proverb, we all have two fathers. We have an earthly father and we have a heavenly Father. As a human son, I don’t want to disappoint my earthly father. As a spiritual son, I don’t want to disappoint my heavenly Father. Yet, whenever I reject one of their instruction, I am acting foolishly. Do you realize how easy it is to act against instructions that we know? Without planning it, we can respond to a momentary situation in a way that we later regret. It might be words, it might be plans, it might be activities, and in the moment we need to remember our Father’s instruction and act prudently not despising the instruction that we have been taught.

Father’s are given for their children’s protection. If you were raised without one, God has good instructions for your life. If you father was not good to you, your eternal Father is good to you and has good instructions for your life. Regardless of our human parentage, we have a heavenly Father who does not want us to despise His instruction. He then also calls us to obey and to honor our human fathers.

Let us consider what it means today to act in a prudent manner when faced with decisions of words, plans, or actions. Let us receive the correction and the instruction that we need and go forward with a better view of what we should do.


As we look forward to Sunday, we are called to pray for God to do His work amongst us, His people, gathered in His house. Let us pray that distractions will be removed, that sickness will be healed, and that the enemy will not keep us and others from not attending the Lord’s church this Sunday. We will pray for all of those involved in the services to be prepared to seek the Lord. We will pray for the preaching of the Word to sink deep into the hearts and lives of all who hear that God will turn on lights to penetrate our darkness.

Here at JIBC we will return to our Sunday school schedule meeting at 9:30. Ladies are still in the book of Job, the men are beginning a new series teaching them how to prepare a lesson from God’s word. The class for those searching for understanding of the faith will be Foundations of Faith, taught by Rene Salvatierra.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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