Laughing at folly is not really funny

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Proverbs 15

21    Folly is joy to him who is destitute of discernment,

But a man of understanding walks uprightly.


In the days of Noah those around him mocked his work. “How crazy was this man to build a boat as big as a football field far away from water? He said he heard a voice from God, we did not hear any voices.” In modern terms, Noah would have been mocked by Saturday night live, radio talk shows, internet memes, political cartoons and more. The mockery continued until the first raindrops fell, but then it was too late.

Lot was mocked in Sodom. Peter tells us that Lot’s righteous soul was vexed. The men of Sodom mocked Lot and his righteousness. When Lot tried to warn them of impending judgment, they laughed at him and he again became the object of their folly. Until the fire fell, but then it was too late.

The rich man ignored the beggar Lazarus and though he knew that Lazarus claimed faith in Christ, the rich man mocked the beggar until he died. As the rich man opened his eyes in hell, it was too late.

For thousands of years the fools of this world have made a mockery of people of wisdom. Folly was and is their joy. They love to make fun of sin too. Elsewhere, Solomon compared the laughter of fools to the burning of small sticks in a fire. They crackle but they burn quickly and do not provide any heat. Those around us love those who make fun of sin and of righteousness. There is a certain joy in being able to do a good “roast.” Solomon did not agree, and we should stand closer to Solomon on this. There are things that should not be laughed at, should not be mocked.

The comparison in this verse is that the men and women of understanding walk uprightly, that is, they do not find mockery a joy. In the discernment of the upright there is understanding of people’s hurts and their pains when mocked. There is understanding of folly by those who walk uprightly and the upright who know the end of foolishness cannot laugh at it, they understand more.


Each Sunday God blesses us with His glorious presence. We rejoice together in song, fellowship, and the opening of God’s word. Yesterday we finished our journey through the book of 1 John. The pain of sin and the opposing thrill of being in Christ was seen over and over again. We, the people of God, enjoyed opening our minds and hearts to the messages of God through His servant John.

After church we enjoyed the baptism of three of our young adults. We gathered a an apartment pool, heard testimonies, baptized and sang together. This is a great reason to gather on a Sunday afternoon.

Last night, Bobbi and I were invited to watch a Jakarta football (soccer) team play against a team from Papua. A man who lives in our building invited us to his game. We sat with his family and enjoyed the game.

My dad is back in the hospital with a UTI. They will keep him for at least two days to see the infection down and his strength renewed. If you would like to call him, I do have a room number.

Have a great day in the Lord,



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