All of our ideas do better with the counsel of others

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Proverbs 15

22   Without counsel, plans go awry,

But in the multitude of counselors they are established.

23   A man has joy by the answer of his mouth,

And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!

24   The way of life winds upward for the wise,

That he may turn away from hell below.

How do we make decisions? What process do we put ideas through to determine if they are good or bad, better or best? Are we our own best counsellor? Are we the greatest source of wisdom that we know so when we make plans we only consult with ourselves?   According to the teachings of wisdom, we need the counsel of others, several others even, to help us establish our plans. When we seek the advice of others, (v 23) their words may bring joy and value to our plans. Finally, (v 24) the wise around us will help our lives wind upward in a good direction opposing the descent of life away from wisdom and away from God.

Asking advice has often been hard for me because I know what I think and I don’t want to be questioned. Usually, when I ask someone else to think with me, they make me think about the potential failure of my plans, which thoughts seldom cross my mind. These negative thoughts frustrate me and make me wish I had not asked for advice; however, when I stop and consider the potential problems, my ideas are actually improved and gain greater value. It’s not that my ideas are bad but that they need the input of those who see from different viewpoint.

What we learn here is that the counsel and the words of others are good to consider and can actually make our ideas better causing them to have a greater chance to succeed. Their words have value and can help us move upward, away from death and failure, to bring greater glory to God in what we do. Let us humble ourselves, practice wisdom, and ask the advice of others as we go through this life.


Over the weekend my dad ended up back in the hospital with a urinary tract infection. He came home earlier today and is feeling better. Thank you for your prayers for him.

 We were able to enjoy some of the wonders of creation this week as we took a short trip to a nearby island. Belitung island is far enough away from Jakarta to be free from the air pollution and free from the traffic. It was a nice break for us as we are ending Stefani’s stay in Indonesia. The highlight of the trip was snorkeling over coral reefs and watching the beauty of the reefs, the fish, the colors, and constant movement just a few feet away. Belitung also has some amazing granite rock formations jutting out of the ocean making small islands to stop and enjoy. We saw again that God’s creativity has no end.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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