Act right, then think right

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Proverbs 16

3     Commit your works to the Lord,

And your thoughts will be established.

According to modern counsellors, you are to think right to do right. But here we read that in order to think right, we have to act right. Have you ever tried to think right when you were doing something wrong? Whenever we feed the flesh, that is, we are actively acting in sin, our thoughts are not righteous; they cannot be. In my days of working with drug addicts, whenever someone was actively drinking or drugging they were unreasonable. You could not bring their minds to a good place when they were feeding their flesh. All sin is like this. When we are actively in sin we cannot and do not think right.

Solomon teaches us to commit our works to the Lord first. This means that we are to act right first. We do not just try to do better, no, we are to commit, fully submit our works to the Lord. In submission to the Word and the Spirit we will make right choices regarding our actions. When our actions are committed to the Lord then we will begin to think right. In other words, Solomon was right. Commit your works to the Lord and then your thoughts will be established in righteousness.

So much of human thinking is a struggle. Philippians 4:8 tells us to think about those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report, those things that are praiseworthy, think on these things. As we commit our works to the Lord then we will be able to think right. Think about this for a while. Commit your works to the Lord and then your thoughts will be established.


Friends, this has been an interesting three weeks for us. We left Jakarta and flew to Taipai, and then went on to San Francisco where we met Ben and drove up to Lincoln, California. We spent a week in California with our sons Ben and Justin, their wives, Anna and Katelyn, and their children Emily and Josiah; Joel, Hudson, Owen, and Carson. We then flew to Chicago to spend a week there with our son Steven and his wife Rachel and their children Hadessah, Elianna, Steven, David, and Amira. It was a special joy to have Caleb and his wife Lindsey join us at Steve’s for a couple of days. We were able to see some friends from our church in Naperville, but only a few. Bobbi, Stefani and Jared are staying there for two more weeks and will go to church at Grace for Life next Sunday. After Chicago I flew to Philadelphia to see my dad and mom who are now living with my sister Dawn and her husband John. On Sunday we had a special treat of a family get together where I was able to see Dawn and John’s adult kids, Deborah, Johnny, Nathan, James and Wendy. Their spouses and kids were there making Sunday quite special. On Wednesday, the 14th, Bobbi and my 38th anniversary, I boarded a plane at JFK airport in New York to travel to Doha, Qatar and then to go on to Jakarta, my new home. Like I said, this has been an interesting three weeks. I am scheduled to land in Jakarta at 9:00PM on Thursday. Our first Sunday out we went to Steven’s church, First Baptist of Big Rock, and then the next Sunday I went with my parents to John and Dawn’s church, Grace Church of Philly. This Sunday I will be back with my church family at JIBC and am looking forward to being back with them.

My parents are doing well, for being 88 years old. Dad told me about a time after his senior summer of high school when the White Sox manager invited him to get signatures, meet the players and come into the dugout. He had never told me this before. He has always been a huge White Sox fan and now I know a little more as to why. He is facing an aortic valve replacement in the next couple of weeks. Mom is doing well and Dawn is doing a great job keeping track of all meds, medical visits, therapy sessions, meals, catheter and more. I am thankful for her and John’s commitment to our parents health and well being.

I will post some pictures later.

Thursday night I landed in Jakarta and got home around midnight. After a good night’s sleep I feel great and am looking forward to getting ready for Sunday. I will be bringing a message on the Church, the Family of God. Pray that our church will grow into a close-knit spiritual family as we focus on God’s desire for His family.

Have a great day in the Lord,




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