Eternally grateful for God’s mercy, truth, and atonement

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Proverbs 16:6

6     In mercy and truth

Atonement is provided for iniquity;

And by the fear of the Lord one departs from evil.

Having grown up in church, there was a time in my life when people’s testimonies of God’s salvation were hard to understand. They talked of lifetimes of sin and wickedness and then of God’s mercy and truth atoning their sins and justifying them before the Father. As a young teenager, these did not make much sense to me except to make me wish that I somehow had a testimony like theirs. Being a Sunday school kid from the cradle roll forward, the only real “sin” that I could identify with was a little stealing, a lot of lying, and a fair amount of lust.

Later in life I began to realize just how far from God I was; hearing His call one Sunday I surrendered my heart and my sin to Jesus Christ. But it was still several years later that I understood the testimonies of those saved out of great sin. Eventually I understood how much sin I really was capable of and I began to understand that God did not just save me from my childhood sinfulness but from the sinfulness and even the sinful potential of my whole life.

God, in mercy and truth, provided atonement for the iniquity, not only of the first 13 years of my life but for the next 47 years of my life and beyond. Yes, God saved me from what I could have done, but God also saved me from what I would do. He who knew all of my sin, past and future, called me to himself to save me from every sin of every day of my life until He would take me into His sinless presence. Now, I too have a testimony of God saving me from great sin by His mercy, truth and grace. God in love reached down through time and loved me; while knowing all of the sin that I would ever commit or would wish to commit, He called me to Himself to eternally atone for my sins.

Thank you for your prayers for yesterday’s service here. In my weakness God spoke to us through His word and challenged us to be a better family under His fatherhood. When the church functions as a healthy family should we grow, we are secure, we solve problems, we face trials, and we love one another as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers should. I pray that our church will have this family love for years and generations to come.

Pray with us for Rhiya’s father who was a passenger on a motorcycle and was in an accident yesterday. Pray for them to find the care that they need and for his healing.

Bobbi and Stefani and Jared enjoyed being at Grace for Life yesterday. Our church family there are so gracious and loving to us. We will ever be thankful for our years of serving the Lord together in Naperville.

Have a great day in the Lord,



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