God makes decisions for our lives

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Proverbs 16

33 The lot is cast into the lap,

But its every decision is from the Lord.

Do you remember when the men in the boat with Jonah cast lots to see who among them was the cause of the great storm? When the lots were collected Jonah was chosen. We used to play a game like this using straws; one straw was shorter than the others and whoever got the short straw had to do whatever it was we all agreed on. In ancient days, people actually did cast lots, drew straws, to determine the will of the gods. It was believed that the gods would determine their will through the casting of lots. There were times when the God of heaven used this practice to make His will known. When Achan sinned by taking the gold and the garments from Jericho, lots were used to find him out.

In this verse we learn that men may cast lots to find out what they should do but when it comes down to it, God is guiding our lives. No, we don’t cast lots anymore but we do seek the will of the Lord. As we read through the history of Judah and of Israel, we find that whenever people sought direction from God then He would make His will clear to them. Even when God’s will was not sought, God would send a prophet to make His will known.

God never changes and He still makes decisions regarding His people. In fact, God makes decisions regarding all people. Yes, “every decision is from the Lord.” The question is this, are we looking for God’s decisions before we make our own? King Jehosophat agreed to fight with king Ahab and then sought the Lord to see if He would give victory. King Jehosophat should have sought the Lord before making an alliance with wicked king Ahab. God sent a messenger proclaiming Ahab’s death and another messenger telling Jehosophat of his foolishness. God had a plan and Jehosophat did not seek God’s plan.

God still wants us to seek His will regarding His plans for our lives. When we seek the Lord, He will make His way known. Psalm 27:14 tells us to wait on the Lord with courage. When we wait on the Lord He will, in His time, make His will known and even open the doors needed to do that will. God has a plan for each of us, we need to seek Him and wait for Him to make this will known and clear.


My dad is scheduled for his aortic valve replacement first thing Tuesday morning in New York. This will be around 6-7pm, today, in Jakarta. This hospital does over 400 of these a year and are very confident that this will go well and that dad will be home in about two days. I was glad to hear their confidence but I know that “safety is of the Lord.” Join us in prayer for a successful procedure and a quick recovery.

Pray also for the family of Zachery. Zachery is a brother in Christ who wants to serve the Lord but has been denied a Visa to go to the US for flight training. His path has become very narrow as they are waiting on the Lord to open the right doors. They have several needs right now, pray with us for God to meet the basic needs of this sweet family.

Have a great day in the Lord,



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