The painful process of purifying

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Proverbs 17

3 The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold,

But the Lord tests the hearts.

Some of the illustrations used in ancient literature are not as familiar today as they were then. Personally, I have never watched gold nor silver purified over a fire. The process in Solomon’s time, as I understand, was quite lengthy and required the metals to be heated until the impurities floated on the surface. The impurities would be taken out and the process repeated until there were no impurities left and gold or the silver was then considered pure.

Using this illustration of heating and scraping and reheating, Solomon states that in the same way, God purifies our hearts. I remember hearing once about a rough diamond being taken to a diamond cutter who works that rock cutting it until it perfectly reflects the light and it becomes a beautiful and valuable stone. The speaker stated that if the diamond could talk, it would say, “Ouch!” When God tests our hearts, it is painful. He heats and scrapes and heats and scrapes until we come into His image, His desire for us in this life.

By nature, we do not like this purifying process, but no one who goes through it looks back and wishes they were the person they were before. We are always thankful for the product, we just do not like the process. Let us submit to the processes God brings into our lives as He works on us to bring us to a place of greater value and greater glory for Him.


My dad is home now and feeling well. My mom and sister are at greater peace now. All of us are thankful to God who gifted those who worked so skillfully on dad. It is a joy to see the Lord still directing my parent’s path of life. Thanks for all your prayers and love.

Sunday I will be bringing the last message on the Church series. This one is about the Church – a birthing center. We will be looking carefully at the Great Commission and at God as the only giver of life. Every church should be having new Christians born into God’s kingdom. Just as we cannot produce children at will, neither can we convert someone at will. Just as God partners with parents to implant a soul into the womb so God partners with His people when they give out His word to place faith and new life in the one born again. Pray for Sunday that God will use His word to bring us closer to His image.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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