A person with a merry heart is good for others.

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Proverbs 17
22 A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones.

Here is a fun proverb to consider. Everyone enjoys a truly happy person. This is the person who walks into a room and everyone feels better. Their presence brings the anticipation of good news, edification, laughter, and pleasantness. A person with a merry heart can be like a good medicine that lifts away sorrow and depression and makes life warm and sunny again. We all enjoy a truly happy person for we benefit so much when they come around.

The opposite of a person with a merry heart is a person whose spirit is broken. This person is more like Eeyore who sees a cloud behind every silver lining, sees every glass half-empty, and could not come up with a positive thought in a room filled with good news. The person with a broken spirit has been hurt by life and does not think that they can ever be truly healed. Everybody is out to bring them more hurt, so they live in their cocoon, under their own rock, in their own cave, miserable in their own darkness.

The truth is that at different times in life we find ourselves in both categories but we should more often be of a merry heart. While bad things happen, the child of God has been given the greatest eternal gift possible. The work of Christ on our behalf removes our sin and its stain from the presence of God the Father; the Holy Spirit takes up residence within us to confirm the word of God and to constantly remind us of our eternal security. Whatever happens beyond this should be placed under the blood of Christ enabling us to rejoice in the Lord always.

Our world needs the medicine that we, whose hearts are filled with the joy of the Lord, can bring them. When we who follow Christ walk into a room the people in that room should be glad to see us knowing that we bring love, peace, joy and acceptance with us. The joy of the Lord makes our hearts merry which then makes us good, like medicine, to those we meet.

The goodness and the kindness of God are His continual gifts to us. When we, the church of God, gather as the family of God in church, we again and again enjoy the goodness and the kindness of God. I so rejoice in the gathering of God’s family at JIBC. We are blessed by singing praises, by fellowshipping and by gathering around God’s word. My heart is overwhelmed week after week. “Thank you, Lord, for bringing Your people together to enjoy Your presence in this life.”

My son, Justin, is travelling to Kenya to teach for ten days in a seminary there. Pray for safety in travel, for health in a different environment, for strength in weakness, and for the pastors who come to gain a better understanding of the Word of God. These pastors make great sacrifices to come to training. They could never afford to leave their country but they do want to understand the Word of God better.

Pray for one another. The enemy of our souls wants us defeated, discouraged, and he wants us to believe his lies. Pray that each of us will recognize who our true enemy is and that we will stand against his schemes as we live and fight the battle of the Lord.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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