Wisdom flows from a manly man

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Proverbs 18

4 The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters;

The wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.

In Proverbs the type of person is often defined by an adjective such as, the wise man or the foolish man. However, in this proverb the man is “a man.” When I was growing up, a manly man was good man. A manly man stood up for his family and for his country. A manly man was not ashamed of his faith and served God boldly in his church. When a manly man spoke, he was speaking from a place of wisdom and of strength. This is the type of man that Solomon is speaking of here.

When a man of wisdom and strength speaks he should be listened to and his words should be considered. He is speaking from experience and from study and from the fear of the Lord. I have heard words of great wisdom from men who were not elders nor deacons but had value in their words. While the writers of today’s comedy and cartoons want to degrade men, the words of Solomon still ring true. Men without character who are filled with selfishness are not men of wisdom. Foolish men are not filled with wisdom. These are not the men this proverb is referring to.


When someone speaks words of wisdom, they are speaking from a continual source. A person of wisdom is not like a fortune teller who might get it right once in a while; no, a person of wisdom is like a flowing brook of fresh water, their wisdom continues. In a day when true godly wisdom seems to be a rare commodity, let us both seek people of wisdom and let us become people of godly wisdom, people whom, when we speak, wisdom flows from like deep waters out of our mouths.


Bobbi’s nephew’s son came through his heart surgery well. They are in a waiting period now to see how well his little body responds to this surgery. Keep praying for Shawn and his wife and their little son to know the closeness of the hand of God upon them.  

The world is in an uproar. From Great Britain to Jakarta to Hong Kong, to the United States, to Venezuela, to north African countries, to Iran and to Saudi Arabia, and more, the world is in an uproar. As we watch and read the news, we must cry out more to the Prince of Peace to work His work in the hearts of men and women everywhere. God always has been and always will be in control shaping human events to accomplish His eternal plan. Pray now for the safety of God’s people and for the furtherance of the gospel amidst all the turmoil.

Have a great day in the Lord


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