Marriage brings the favor of the Lord

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Proverbs 18

22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing,

And obtains favor from the Lord.

We live in a cohabitation, a living together, a try-before-you-buy, world. In the past 50 years, people who live together has increased by over 900%. This is astounding. One of the primary reasons that people are against living together is because of religious beliefs against fornication, sex outside of marriage. However, over 80% of people who live together before marriage will divorce. So even though the current logic is that living together helps you determine compatibility, it does not develop greater life-time commitments.

Today’s verse tells us that God gives His favor to marriage. The first human relationship that God himself established, was marriage. Adam, awaking from the first surgery, saw the woman God had created from his rib, and said, “For one of these, men will gladly leave their fathers and their mothers to be united with a wife.” God married them and blessed their marriage with a command to have children. Adam and Eve remained married until they died some 900 years later. It would appear that God designed commitment.

In a world that plays down the importance of marriage as the right way to start a life together, we who love the Lord need to know that we are going to practice life differently. We need to understand that God has a plan for couples to commit themselves to each other with a legal document and a wedding ring. Living together is to begin after the couple has made public vows to stay together as long as they both shall live. God places His favor on marriage.


Welcome to Tuesday. Yesterday was a busy day as one of our church members had kidney stone attack in our home in Sunday. I went with Rikardo to the hospital on Sunday then went back to see him on Monday. Pray for him as he is seeing a doctor today about getting rid of the kidney stones.

A few weeks ago I asked prayer for Jared. His blood work showed that he needed to increase one of his medications. Since we increased that med his seizures and twitches have decreased dramatically. Thanks for your prayers. He walks a thin line between seizures and too much medication. We do enjoy him and he brings joy to many people.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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