Soul keeping vs. Careless ways

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Proverbs 19
16 He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul,
But he who is careless of his ways will die.

When we were younger, America was considered a “Judeo-Christian” nation. The Ten Commandments were on the walls of courtrooms and in town squares. The rule of law was based on absolutes of right and wrong as defined in the Bible. Keeping the commandment of God was thought to be good for families, good for churches, and even good for society.
But then a shift began where prayer was banned from the public schools, the Bible was not to be taught in the public schools, and all public displays of the Ten Commandments were removed. Before long, the rule of law was based on public opinion instead of the objective Word of God. Situation ethics was taught as God’s absolutes were put aside. Right and wrong became fuzzy and was subjected to the upbringing, emotions, and feelings of the people in the culture.
We have watched a shift from those who keep the commandments, to the keeping of their souls, to a world that is careless of the ways of their lives. Ironically, divorce rates, depression, and suicides have dramatically increased. While the world has turned away from God’s commandments, they have come much closer to death and to all of the pain that separation from God brings.
As a pastor, I strive to bring people back to the absolutes of God’s word. The result of this shift back to God’s commandments is people who have peace in their souls. Carelessness with life, from Adam and Eve to today, always brings death of some sort. Only when we follow our Lord Jesus, the living Word, will we know His grace and peace as He keeps our souls both in this life and forevermore.

As we get close to Sunday the church has much to do. There are lessons to prepare, music to rehearse, media to upload, audio to tweak, and our own hearts to get tuned to listen. For all that happens to get Sunday ready for church, the people who come should leave as spiritually filled as they are physically filled after a great meal. Spend time in prayer for your church service on Sunday. Ask God to tune your heart to receive all that is there. After church, take time talking about what you have learned and how you have worshipped. Enjoy everything about Sunday as you would a concert or a sporting event. For the believer, the gathering of the church is the highpoint of the week.

We host our small group tonight at 7:00. As we study the book of James we enjoy the life experiences of one another that help explain the text. See you tonight.

Have a great day in the Lord,

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