Giving a faithful representation of ourselves

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Proverbs 20

6 Most men will proclaim each his own goodness,

But who can find a faithful man?

7 The righteous man walks in his integrity;

His children are blessed after him.

Aug 13, 2015  “A new survey from CareerBuilder of more than 2,500 hiring managers found that 56% have caught job candidates lying on their resumes. The most common fib seems to be embellishing skills or capabilities; 62% of respondents say they’ve come across this, and 54% say they’ve caught applicants taking liberties when describing the scope of their responsibilities.” (quote taken from

We have a bad habit of making ourselves sound a bit better than we really are or making our situation sound worse than it really is. We want others to both think better of us and to feel more pity for us than we deserve. The simple question, “How did you sleep last night?” will show you whether the person you are talking to wants pity from you or can simply answer your question.

We also like to be the hero of our own stories. Someone was in need and when we swooped in it was our words, our compassion, our help that made the great difference in their lives.

Notice the words of Solomon, while each of us proclaim our own goodness, it is difficult to find a man or a woman whose words are faithful with whom they really are. The challenge here is to be sure that we paint ourselves honestly with words faithful to what really happened. We might not get the praise nor feel the pity, but we will be faithful with our words.

The next verse tells us that the righteous walk in their integrity. When we have and live in the righteousness of Christ, we do not need to embellish our integrity, just walk faithfully in His. When we walk faithfully in the righteousness of Christ, others will notice, particularly our children. Even though we do not walk with Christ so that others may see, when we are walking faithfully, others, especially our children, take notice.


We thank God today for meeting with us yesterday. Wherever you gathered with God’s people in God’s house you should have enjoyed fellowship, praise, and the opening of God’s word. Week after week we gather on Sundays and the Lord rejuvenates our spirits, convicts us of sin, corrects our thinking, increases our faith and love as He matures us in Him. We enjoyed our time in Colossians 2 thinking about how Christ, the fullness of the Father, comes to live in us bringing His fullness with Him. We do not get a piece of Christ or a little bit now and more later, we get the fullness of Christ the moment He comes into our hearts. We praised God for the fullness of Christ in us.

 Stefani goes back to the US today. We have been blessed to have had her here these months. She is ready to get back to college life, family and friends there. Today she leaves for California where she will spend a few weeks with her brothers, Ben and Justin and their families. Pray with us for safety as she travels. Pray for Jared who is going to miss her terribly.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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